Who We Are

We are a team of young architects passionate about creating stories and well thought ideas using still and motion pictures having almost 15 years experience with remote controlled gear.

What We Do

We provide aerial media services for different applications such as Architecture, Urban & Landscape Design, Documentary, TV Shows & Broadcasting, Extreme Sports and Tourism.

Our Gear

- FP-960/1200, 960mm diameter heavylift hexacopter;
- 3 axis gimbal with second operator;
- Sony A6000 camera;
- Ground station with live preview monitor for precise framing.

filmari, fotografii aeriene

Flight Rules

FlightPro aerial media services are provided using professional aerial equipment that allows us to view images in real time for a quick feedback. The aerial equipment requires high maintenance, responsability and coordination between the pilot and the camera operator.

    Risk Factors
    Through risk factors we understand the elements that can disrupt aerial work, endanger the equipment, goods or persons involved in the aerial activity. The presence of any risk factors leads to termination of the aerial activity.

    1. Bad Weather - rain, snow, dense fog, ceiling clouds at a height of less that 150m, wind speed greater than 18km/h, temperatures below -10 degrees Celsius or greater than +40, aerial activities are suspended;
    2. Crowded Areas - Activities carried out in crowded urban areas, thight spaces (vegetation, poles, cables) are strictly forbidden;
    3. Flying Over Crowds - Activities carried out over persons or groups are strictly forbidden;
    4. Radio Interference - If the site shows signs of radio interference (GMS, 3G, TV masts, WiFi units), aerial activities are suspended.

    1. Aerial services are performed only in daylight;
    2. Aerial services are performed only in line of sight, VFR (visual flight rules), a team member having the role of spotter;
    3. Aerial services are performed at a maximum height of 150m above take off point and a radius less than 300m in length;
    4. Owners of the land or spaces where aerial activities will be carried out will be notified and will obtain prior written consent;
    5. Aerial systems weighing less than 20kg do not require insurance,safety of the equipment, goods and people who attend the aerial activities is the resonsability of the pilot-operator crew.


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